How to Analyze Your Social Media Activities with Google Drive

Suppose you are a social media analyst, and you have to analyze the media coverage related to something really hot like FIFA’s latest corruption scandal, using nothing but a spreadsheet.
That’s because you don’t expect a lot of data, and you don’t have enough budget to use a Social Analytics platform.

What if we could have a computer do all the heavy lifting for us – like, say, extracting the main topics expressed inside the article?

That way, you can stay focused on the content, to better understand the context. Moreover, you have these automatically extracted topics that you can use to produce useful hashtag suggestions to follow other related news. Last, but not least, you can select the most relevant topics to enrich your analysis with contextual information taken from Wikipedia.

Learn how to perfom this Text Analysis reading the tutorial on!

Dandelion API at Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015: an insightful event

Last week we flew all the way to New York City to attend the 8th Sentiment Analysis Symposium, which we also supported with a bronze sponsorship.

Thanks to the symposium many people had the opportunity to meet the Dandelion API, and we could share many thoughts and ideas about our brand new sentiment analysis API and more in general about our knowledge-graph approach, with many experts in the text-analytics area.

Read our thoughts on the event on our Dandelion API blog!

Dandelion API will be at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015 in New York

In July we’ll be in New York for one of the most interesting events on text mining and text analytics: the Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015

The Sentiment Analysis Symposium is your opportunity to keep up with technologies and solutions that help you discover business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback, to further your business goals.

The conference chair of the event is Seth Grimes, one of the most renowned industry analyst on text analytics and sentiment analysis.
His blog is a must-read for all who are interested in making unstructured data really actionable for business needs.

There are two different tracks available, according to the official website:

[...] the “Presentation Track” features talks and panels about solutions and technologies that discern attitude, emotion, and connectedness — in big data contexts — in text, speech, video, and enterprise sources.

The “Workshop Track” features longer-form technically-oriented coverage plus, July 16 afternoon, a conference-within-a-conference segment covering Sentiment Analysis for Financial Markets.

The event has an exciting agenda of prominent speakers, with several workshops focused on financial markets.
During the morning of the second day of the conference we’ll be presenting:

Context Intelligence at your fingertips using Dandelion API

If you want to stay updated on the event, follow @SentimentSymp, and if you want to get 20% off the registration, let me know.

Come to New York on the 15th and on the 16th of July, and meet us at the event, at the amazing New York Academy of Sciences!